How many times in your life have you heard someone say – you know what it would be so much quicker if we rewrote the whole thing? Why does that happen and how can you fix it or better still prevent it? The answer is less complicated than you may think.

Writing Secure Mobile Apps for Drones

We’re always looking at new ways to extend the mobile development opportunities at RIIS. Recently we’ve worked on a series of mobile apps that control drones for a client and started thinking about how to make it secure. In the early days of any new technology security is never top of the agenda.

Android Device Testing Labs

Android fragmentation can make testing Android apps very time consuming. It is impossible to test every phone and tablet on every carrier in every market for every version of Android.

As of August 2015, reported that there were 24,000 different Android devices available. No doubt that’s well over 30,000 now.

Secure Your Web and Mobile Applications with Bug Bounties

One of our recommendations when it comes to making your mobile app or website more secure is to start a bug bounty. Crowdsourcing works very well when you’re trying to find security exploits in your application. The more friendly eyes you have on your app the more likely you’ll get to find out the major exploits before a hacker does.

Testing APIs using RestAssure

API testing always strikes me as being the red headed stepchild in mobile development. Most of the apps we develop have a backend web service that someone else owns and the API’s specification is a moving target. Over the years APIs have been one of the major areas of frustration and costly rework.

Android Safetynet API

Communication between a mobile app and any backend server is one of the hardest areas to secure. Secure Sockets Layer or SSL is broken and has been for some time. First things first, if you send data using http then anyone can download your app, proxy the WiFi through a PC and perform man in the middle attacks to see any traffic back to base, see Figure 1. You don’t even need to root the phone.

Using Fastlane In Your Build Process

Over the past few months, we’ve really ramped up the number of meetups and conferences we talk at here at RIIS. One of the best things about giving a talk is not necessarily what you say but also what you hear. In the last few months I’ve heard Fastlane mentioned several times when talking about Agile Dev and I thought it would be a great candidate for a blog.

Android Design Patterns

There are just too many reasons not to start thinking about using some sort of Design Pattern when you’re developing Android apps…scratch that when you’re developing any type of app of website. The urge to just start coding will always be there but you might want to wait a little and think about what you’re doing and how you’re going to do it before you crack open Android Studio and start coding.

Drones: From Maps To Apps

Over the past few months there has been an explosion of new drone announcements. DJI released the Mavic Pro, GoPro released the Karma, Yuneec released the Breeze. This was on top of an already crowded marketplace which included other DJI drones as well as 3DR, Parrot and many more consumer and commercial drones.