PillCast Mobile App

Intuitive Mobile App for Managing Your Pill Reminders

RIIS Pill Cast Project Image

PillCast is a unique and innovative mobile app for managing your pill reminders — geared toward group homes and semi-independent facilities, but easy enough for everyone to use.

We had a great time working on this project in-house!

The Challenges

Our objective was to build the app so it works for the target audience as well as individual users, but the use cases for those user personas are very different. Another challenge was developing against existing API calls that were created and owned by a different company.

The Solution

Reverse engineering the API calls gave us more information on how to properly hook our application into the endpoints. Using feedback from our UI/UX experts and the client, we built an interface that is easy to use for any user.

Key Benefits

  1. Dashboard of pills taken over last months – see how well you’re doing!
  2. Geofence reminders when you leave the house. Also get reminders to check that you’ve taken your pills when you return home
  3. Keep a personal log of side effects
  4. Custom ring/alarms when pills are due
  5. Pairs with a bluetooth PillCast to make your pillbox ring when it’s time to take your meds
  6. Upgraded teleconference features for facility caregivers!

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