Lake Trust

Created with the Idea of Putting Members Ahead of Money

Lake Trust Credit Union’s mobile and web applications provide Michigan residents an easy-to-use online enrollment application, information about new product offerings, and access to their online banking dashboard.

RIIS was happy to engage with Lake Trust to implement agile processes, instill best design practices for mobile and web, and design an end-to-end user experience while working on-site.

The Challenges

Coordination of multiple 3rd party vendors to work together seamlessly was a definite challenge for this project. Other challenges include limitations in third party software, incompatibilities in chosen technologies and design decisions, and insufficient user analytics.

The Solution

Our design expert worked with the Brand & Marketing team to create a design that worked within the limitations of the chosen technologies, and additional testing and development helped reduce the gaps of the third party software. To ease the frustration of managing multiple vendors, we increased communication and flexibility in timelines. We coached the client on qualitative research practices in order for them to execute small focus groups to better understand their users’ driving factors. Throughout the process, our embedded development team coached the client’s resources on Agile and Scrum software development practices.

Key Benefits

  1. Analytical data on users drives the design
  2. Designs work within the limitations of third party software
  3. Shortened time-to-market with new Agile processes in place

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