ETA Detroit

Detroit’s First All-In-One App for Public Transportation

We saw a gap in the marketplace for Detroit’s public transportation, so we built the first all-in-one Detroit Public Transport routes and bus schedule app. The map shows all of the stops of your DDOT bus, Smart bus, and RefleX bus routes, as well as bus arrival times based on bus schedules.

The Challenges

Our main challenge for this project was the data. The route and stop information is not easily extracted from public resources, and we needed to combine the three datasources in such a way that they worked well together. We also wanted to improve usability compared to the existing apps in the market.

The Solution

We populated a database with data from DDOT, Smart, and RefleX. API calls made from the iOS and Android apps pull in data from the database to display the most important information to the user based on the day, time, and location of the user. The apps were designed using the latest best practices for iOS and with material design for Android.

Key Benefits

  1. One app shows all routes
  2. Plan trips
  3. View all stop times
  4. Find the quickest way
  5. Ask Alexa about the next bus
  6. Modern design

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