The Humorous Social Media Platform

Use candid photos, stockpiled screenshots, and funny videos to share inside jokes and funny moments with everyone or a private cliq. Posts can be permanent, or they can disappear right off the newsfeed. Get ready for some serious laughter.

This project was truly one-of-a-kind, and our “cliq” had a great time working on this in-house project!

The Challenges

The initial app idea was very feature-rich, so establishing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to be complete by the deadline and within budget was essential. As the developers began working, the product owners thought of even more awesome features to develop, so keeping an eye on MVP and scope-creep was a pivotal part of this project.

On the technical side, we knew we needed to build an infrastructure that would automatically heal itself and be able to grow as demand grew. Another interesting problem we faced was in knowing when a post had an image or video that had not finished uploading and being able to hide that post until it had finished.

The Solution

We worked closely with the product owners to discuss the backlog of features, their value, and their priority. By keeping the features in the backlog sized and prioritized, we were able to let the product owners know at any time what we’d be able to complete by a specific date based on the team’s velocity

In order to ensure the application could scale with the growth and popularity of CliqBit, we made use of AWS’s auto-scaling in order to allow servers to be created and destroyed as needed.

Serverless functions (AWS Lamdas) were used to do some processing in the background to handle some background processes like uploading photos and videos. Lamdas would be called from AWS S3 to mark the process as complete and allow the post to be viewed.

Key Benefits

  1. Incorporates photos, videos, and text posts
  2. Posts can be set to disappear in 5 seconds or 48 hours
  3. Private group feeds
  4. Secret cheers count — likes without all the competition
  5. The hottest posts on a separate feed

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