Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Providing Affordable, Innovative Products that Improve Care and Health

BCBSM is a nonprofit mutual insurance company founded in 1939. It is the largest health insurer with the largest network of doctors and hospitals in Michigan.

RIIS is proud to serve their staffing needs for various projects and endeavors.

The Challenges

One of the objectives we’ve been involved in at BCBSM is to help transition to and train their IT department in Agile methodologies. With a large organization, this process takes a lot of expertise, patience, and guidance.

The Solution

We embedded Agile experts into the BCBSM teams to train them on Agile methodologies and best practices. We are so proud of how rapidly Agile is being embraced, adopted, and executed across their various project teams.

Key Benefits

  1. Increased transparency of project status
  2. Reduced time-to-market
  3. Increased stakeholder satisfaction

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