AiM Verify

Providing Accurate Reporting of Dealership Inventory Audits in Real-Time

Throughout the U.S. and Canada, auditors use AiM Verify Mobile to access custom audit workflows to update customers on dealership inventory status. Customers and internal staff use the AiM Verify web application to see the results of audits in real-time and update dealerships on payments due, violations, etc.

We are immensely proud of the work our coordinated teams put into this application rewrite, and we thoroughly enjoyed partnering with Alliance Inspection Management on this project.

The Challenges

Being a complete application rewrite, understanding and defining the minimum viable product was a major challenge. Due to contractual agreements, no one from our team could see or use the existing system, so all requirements had to be discussed and explained by the product owner and subject matter experts.

The Solution

We worked with the product owner and stakeholders continuously to define and narrow scope in order to release the most important features by the deadline. Business analysts met with the product owner and subject matter experts multiple times a week to conduct user story workshops in order to discuss application features, logic, requirements, etc. Demonstrations at the end of each two-week sprint allowed the product owner and stakeholders to see progress and verify requirements were executed correctly.

Key Benefits

  1. Large and remote dealerships supported with offline mode
  2. Audit accuracy improved with conflict tracking and resolution
  3. Increased productivity with option to input historical answers
  4. Customer processes automated with sophisticated violation algorithms
  5. Streamlined and customizable reporting

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