Upgrading and rebuilding for the road ahead.

For trucking and logistic companies, knowledge is more than power, it’s everything. Dispatchers need to know where their drivers are every second of the day and night. Drivers needs to know all kinds of things, including shipment notes, shipment check in and check out data, bill of laden info and much more. And the best way to interface the home office with the trucks on the road is a mobile app. And if your mobile app needs to be upgraded or rebuilt from scratch, the best thing to do is partner with RIIS.

The client came to us with a mobile application they were marketing to trucking companies. The app was primarily being used to allow dispatchers to create new jobs and send their drivers new routes. The problem was that like an old, neglected road, using the app was becoming a bumpy experience. They asked us to come in and provide immediate improvements, then reconstruct it from scratch.

Turning bug-fixes into quick fixes.

When we arrived, the codebase was kind of like Route 66, in pretty rough shape and very outdated. Tasked with making immediate improvements, we quickly updated the Android Java code to Kotlin, then utilized the most modern libraries and tools. We also added unit tests to keep track of independent functionality throughout the app, significantly improving the stability of the app as well as the maintainability of the codebase itself.

Building a high performance app fit for the highway.

Once the initial upgrade was performed, we started thinking about an all-new app that significantly improved up the first, while adding features and functionality. And, with the second version of the app being a complete re-write from the ground up we were able to architect a much more concise and optimized application. Along with a full redesign, we condensed the functionality into something much more streamlined than the original app.

Key technologies used.

The technology for this project was for the Android platform. We used Java, which was already in place before we were engaged to help. As mentioned, we went with Kotlin as our programming language. Kotlin provides a host of benefits, is well supported and works with all existing Java frameworks and libraries.

Key Services Provided:

Quality Assurance

Automated Testing

Software Development

Staffing Support

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