Providing the most complete view of drone flights available.

Customers and end users that utilize drones in industries such as Construction and Engineering, Government and Public Safety, Energy, Insurance, Media and more need to track many different aspects of their flight data. The drone manufacturers offer flight apps, but they are not nearly as robust. The client currently provides software, services, training, and connectivity for drone programs at every stage. For them, a high quality, custom-built Android solution was the obvious choice. One that could plan drone operations, access controlled airspace, analyze flight data and manage entire teams. And to build it, they reached out to RIIS.

This client provides vast resources to the drone industry, including software, consulting, training and advanced connectivity to wireless networks at scale in partnership with their parent company, one of the leading American telecommunications conglomerates. This partnership ensures a cutting-edge telecommunications back-bone that is literally driving the drone industry forward into the future. Additionally, they are trusted by industry giants to help with flight training, waiver and regulatory support, drone policy development and proof of concepts.

From Apple to Android.

When we were first approached, they already had an iOS version of their ground control system app. Our initial task was to bring all of the functionality of the iOS app to life in an Android version and release it on the Google Play Store. We built the Android version of the mobile app for most popular up-to-date devices, including both phones and tablets. Additionally, it was designed to work seamlessly with a wide selection of DJI drones. More robust features continue to be added.

More power to you.

Our custom-built app provides end users with more. More information, more capabilities, and a far more complete view of any given drone flight. For any company that needs FAA regulatory compliance and record keeping, it’s the obvious choice. In-app wizards guide you through assessing flight risks, interactive airspace maps, applying for and accepting online LAANC (Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability) forms for U.S. airspace. With InFlight you gain near-instant access to fly in controlled airspace. This feature alone proves invaluable.

Knowledge, and this app, are power.

Fleet managers in the office and pilots on site rely on data from the app to manage operations. Flight logs are maintained on servers for each and every flight to ensure proper auditing and tracking. Pilot and any crew are documented, as well as the duration of each flight, the organization requesting the flight, the type and model of the drone, altitude, and a plethora of other statistics relating to flight operations. Managing drone operations has never been easier.

Building a better mobile app.

Rather than building a better mousetrap, we build better apps. At RIIS, we hire the brightest minds to develop the best digital products, apps and more. Clients turn to RIIS because we have a reputation for quickly solving the toughest technical problems. Our team works together seamlessly using the latest tools at our disposal.

Key technologies used.

At RIIS, we’re not big on secrets. We prefer to tell you exactly what we did. For this project, we utilized Kotlin for the programming language. We used Espresso for testing because it’s a fast, reliable way to run automated Android UI tests. CircleCI allowed us to rapidly build, test, and deliver the app along with integration to the cloud and servers. Development was further supported by Firebase and the DJI SDK.

The app integrates with several DJI drones including the Mavic Pro and Platinum, Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic 2 Zoom, Phantom 4 v1 and v2, as well as the Inspire 2. It works seamlessly with the DJI Smart Controller and DJI CrystalSky drone controllers.Lastly, InFlight was designed to integrate with Android phones including the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S20/Ultra/+, Pixel 3a/3a XL, Pixel 4/4 XL and Samsung Galaxy Note10. It can also be used with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Android tablet.

How did we do it?

Scrum and Agile methodologies were used extensively with daily scrums and two-week sprints. We also performed reviews and retrospectives at the end of every sprint, planning session and backlog grooming. There were 8 total sprints for the release of version 1.0, and they were executed over a period of 16 weeks. Phase 2 of this project is currently under way in order to bring more features to the user base.

Key Services Provided:

Agile Methodology

Quality Assurance

Automated Testing

Software Development

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