Sending and receiving cryptocurrency safely

and easily.

The advantages of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are well documented. From lower transaction fees and zero bank charges to fraud reduction and competitive marketplace advantages, cryptocurrencies continue to gain in popularity. But most people out there don’t know where or how to begin. We were asked to help build a custom app that would make it both safe and easy for consumers to get started with digital currencies. Creating an app specifically for non-technical people takes our most technical people.

The Situation:

The client founded their company because they wanted an easier platform to use for storing and sending cryptocurrency, without their customers needing to be technical experts. They came to RIIS like many of our clients do. After another development company took too long to never get it right in the first place. In this case their iOS app took two years to develop and they never got around to the Android version. For a start-up it was not a great start. Seeking an experience for cryptocurrency exchange that was a simple as Venmo was the goal but still not the reality.

Fixing code while adding features.

With no time to lose, we started by repairing the poorly maintained codebase. Next, the user experience needed attention. When we arrived, users could create and manage a crypto-wallet to send and receive currency to people. People is the key word, as many crypto-wallets do not support individual contacts preferring to require crypto-address input instead. While this was fine when wanting privacy, we greatly improved the app by integrating social contact info, instituting greater consistency in the importing and exporting of crypto-wallets, as well as adding the ability to purchase cryptocurrency from third-party partners.

Top class development performed at top speed.

Considering the original iOS app took almost two years from start to release, we accepted a jumbo-sized challenge to fix the iOS app issues, substantially improve that app, and simultaneously develop an Android equivalent in as little time as possible. Once development began, we systematically accomplished those goals by utilizing our top people in our customary Agile environment. In fact, feature parity was achieved in both the Android and iOS apps, and they were finished in less than four months.

Key technologies used.

The technology we used for this project was for Android and iOS platforms. The original iOS app was written in Objective-C it remained in that state as we solved all of the lingering issues. For the Android app, we used Kotlin, a favorite of ours due to its many benefits, including how well it is supported.

Key Services Provided:

Custom Software Development

Quality Assurance

Automated Testing

Staffing Support

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