RIIS, LLC, (Troy, MI) an IT services firm specializing in mobile application development and professional services announced a Social Networking App for patients that they recently developed for the Healthcare system.

The mobile app, Wellzie, is a social networking app for patients, families and caregivers. Connect to other patients and caregivers throughout the health care system that have similar diagnoses, illnesses and experiences as yours while feeling safe knowing you have security and privacy. Users can connect one on one or in a defined support group via text, voice or video.

Wellzie’s vision is that no one should have to face health challenges alone. Whether you’re a patient, caregiver, family member or friend, Wellzie will put you in touch with others that understand. Because when you have a team, a community and a voice, there is no limit to what you can do.

“We are very pleased with the introduction of this mobile app as we saw a need to bring patient communities together in an easy way so that they can provide mutual support to patients as well as caregivers.” noted Godfrey Nolan, President of RIIS. “The Wellzie app demonstrates how RIIS can bring technology and patient advocacy together in a single mobile app to solve a common problem for patients”.

Click here for a demo of the app in use.

Wellzie is available for iOS and Android users and can be found in iTunes and Google Play.
It was developed in conjunction with Henry Ford Innovation Institute.

Contact gnolan@riis.com for more information.