Mobile app developer employs technology to facilitate routine testing from home

RIIS, LLC, an IT services firm specializing in mobile application development and professional services released a new health monitoring app on the Android platform for COPD patients called Walk6.

Walk6 is a simple, inexpensive way to do a COPD Six Minute Walk Test. This is a common test used to measure the progress of a heart or lung disease patient with COPD. Traditionally, the test is conducted at the doctor’s office.

With Walk6, however, people can perform the test wherever they are and report results to their health care professional. For patients who are unable to regularly get to the doctor’s office or clinic due to finances, job schedules or their movement difficulties associated with their COPD, they can easily and inexpensively continue to monitor their health.

Patients simply select their current level of discomfort and click a icon to progress to the walk timer screen. They then walk as the timer counts the 6 minute and select their discomfort level after the walk.

“We love mobile app solutions like this. They are so simple, yet so powerful” said RIIS founder and president, Godfrey Nolan. “We’re able to remove the roadblocks, hassles and costs that keep patients from staying on top of their health. Just a few clicks on their smartphone from the comfort of their own homes, and COPD patients have the information they and their doctors need.”

COPD patients and healthcare professionals can learn more about the app and download it in the Google Play marketplace:

About RIIS

RIIS is an IT consulting firm based in Troy, MI. Our primary service includes accelerated application development through visualization and automated tools for the web and mobile technologies. We help companies get the applications they need, faster! Industry experience includes software, eCommerce, advertising, defense, healthcare, insurance, banking/finance, and telecommunications.