PulseTrack awarded runner-up prize

The Google Fit Competition is a developer challenge issued by Google were developers had the opportunity to compete in developing an Android app which could integrate with the Google Fit platform. Google Fit is an open platform that makes it easier for developers to build amazing fitness apps.

RIIS, a application development and professional services company located in Troy, MI was up for the challenge and developed the PulseTrack application. This April (2015) RIIS was notified that PulseTrack, was selected as one the the runner-up apps in the competition and would be receiving second place honors. “We are very proud of our team here and will continue to build helpful and creative apps for businesses and or individuals alike,” Godfrey Nolan founder and owner of RIIS stated.

  • Monitor their Google Fit heart rate data presenting them with their daily and weekly targeted, minimum, maximum and average heart rate.
  • Use the Google Fit app and their Android wearable to measure their heart rate through out the day.
  • Retrieve that data and present the days minimum, maximum and average heart rate.
  • Retrieve the last 7 days of data, and will present their average heart rate.
  • Use their age to display a suggested maximum and targeted Heart rate.

To Download PulseTrack from the Google Play Store CLICK HERE!