Founded in 2010 the Detroit City Futbol League was started in order to bring together a struggling community in an organizational manner that would grasp teamwork and team dedication. The league quickly gained wings and has more than 1000 players per week and over 30 different neighborhoods participate.

Over 80% of the participants in the league are residents of the city of Detroit and some even moved to the city because of the soccer league. The Detroit City FC (Futbol Club) was founded in 2012 by 5 individuals from various backgrounds and has quickly began to be the talk of North America. The Club motto “Passion for Our City, Passion for the Game” is what the team was built on. The Team was brought up to satisfy the demand for the game of soccer in the Metro Detroit Area. Today the team has consistently sold out every game and has tremendous supporters.

RIIS, A development and professional services company in Troy, MI, has gathered around the Detroit Soccer community and has joined forces with Detroit City FC as one of the teams sponsors for the 2015 season. “Soccer has been very good to RIIS in the past with much of our early business coming from relationships that grew out of watching, coaching and playing soccer. We like to give back to the local soccer community by giving donations to Detroit Pal as well as local amateur teams every year. We’re very happy to add a team as exciting as DCFC to that list.” says Godfrey Nolan RIIS founder and president.

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