Bankjoy Mobile Watch App

Every quarter we at RIIS choose three apps that we add to our Research queue. We pick some emerging technology and then the interns and people on the bench get to turn the idea into a real app. Typically we pick some emerging technology such as IoT or Hadoop and usually we choose a use case for that technology in a vertical that we want to explore.

Last year we wanted to take a look at Apple Watches and how easy or hard it is to create a usable interface. We also wanted to do it in Swift instead of Objective-C. Swift was emerging as a first class language on iOS and it makes sense to move to the new frameworks to see if we had all we needed from a coding and testing perspective.

We also wanted to write the app for a Credit Union. We’ve used the Corelation API in the past which allows us to display a Credit Union member’s data on the web or in a mobile app. We were looking to see if we could break into different Credit Union systems to increase our possible customer base.

Around the same time we were introduced to the Bankjoy framework which allows Credit Unions to quickly get mobile apps up and running with the minimum of fuss. Bankjoy also provides an API that hides us from the implementation issues to other Credit Union core systems such as Symitar.

Figure 1 shows the iPhone implementation of the app. Bankjoy’s REST API made it a straightforward exercise to implement the iOS app. The user logs in we display typical member information.

Figure 1: iPhone app using Bankjoy’s API.

We also implemented an Apple Watch version of the same interface. Obviously there are many limitations for how much data you can display on a watch, but you can see how it turned out in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Apple Watch app using Bankjoy’s API.

We found out a number of things along the way. The Bankjoy API is simple to use and Swift makes it very quick to implement. But there’s no mocking frameworks in Swift which made the testing interesting.

If you want to see the code for yourself then take a look on Githhub. You can find out more information on Bankjoy here

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