Passionate software and application developers drive our business.

We recognize that our team is at the heart of our business. That’s why we have spent nearly two decades carefully building, training & engaging highly-skilled IT and business professionals. Our culture revolves around making our team better at what they do – we invest in learning, exploring & changing technology.

We are transparent.

The people at RIIS embrace challenges and love taking complex problems to find simple solutions. We are a highly collaborative partner for our clients and meet their needs.

We are predictable.

Work is prioritized in iterations as 1-2 week sprint cycles. Features are shipped as part of a continuous delivery cycle — allowing for more predictability and less surprises.

We are reliable.

By bridging the gap between the client and end user, we allow the stakeholder to determine the order in which features are built. This makes it clear to the team what is most important.

Our Clients

RIIS provides value by partnering with clients to understand their business needs while driving a custom solution that helps to solve their problem.

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