Android Mocking

One of the major goals whether it’s on the Android platform or not is to isolate the code that we’re testing. When we write our tests we should be testing a single method and not its dependencies such as a web service.

Agile Testing On Android

Agile development has been problematic for Android developers. For a while now there have been a number of ways to test the user interface such as Robotium or Monkey Runner but before Android Studio 1.1, unit testing was hard to use, hard to configure and quite challenging to implement on the Android platform.

API Key Preferences

Most Android apps that do any real work operate in a client – server architecture with the phone acting as the client and much of the heavier work taking place on the backend server.

Best Place To Store Passwords

Typically Android security issues fall into a couple of major categories, these are firstly, personal information stored insecurely on the phone and secondly, insecure communication to any back end database or web server. And while there are lots of other things that can go wrong the majority of the problems fall into these two areas. In this article let’s start with your options to secure someone’s information and in the next article we’ll look at network communication.