Bankjoy Mobile Watch App

Every quarter we at RIIS choose three apps that we add to our Research queue. We pick some emerging technology and then the interns and people on the bench get to turn the idea into a real app.

Test Driven Development With .NET

Anyone who has done software development for any appreciable amount of time has run across code that can only be described as looking like the original developer was on heavy doses of cold medicine when he or she wrote it.

SonarQube, Jenkins & Swift

Continuous Integration (CI) systems really come into their own when working on larger projects with a team of developers. As each developer checks in their code, the app is built, unit tested and you even have the option of letting the business stakeholder get a copy of the app.

Swift Unit Testing In XCode

In this blog, we’re going to look at creating a simple app to show how easy it is to add unit testing to Swift apps in Xcode. We’ll look at how much we get out of the box and then create a calculator app to do some simple unit tests.

Swift Unit Testing On Ubuntu

Swift was announced at the WWDC in 2014 and late last year the code was open sourced. It can run on both OSX and Ubuntu which is a huge departure for Apple which has typically been a more closed system. The language Swift is a completely different animal to Objective-C.

Android Obfuscation Tools Comparison

As you may or may not know, Android apps can be decompiled back into something very close to the original Java code. It’s a simple process. You don’t even need a phone. Download the target APK using the Apkpure website and then use Jadx to decompile the code back into Java.

Meet Spring Batch

Do you need to load large files into a database every night? Hoping to make that big load of data parallel, or partioned, to load quickly? Receiving thousands of new files every day you must transform and load in your NoSQL document database?

No Embarrassment Language Learning With Chatbots

When RIIS was just two guys and a laptop, we mostly worked on call center screens for small telephone companies. The work was all about pulling information from databases and APIs so that 90% of the customer information was presented intelligently on the first screen so a call center agent could get on and off the call in the quickest possible time.