Android Design Patterns

There are just too many reasons not to start thinking about using some sort of Design Pattern when you’re developing Android apps…scratch that when you’re developing any type of app of website. The urge to just start coding will always be there but you might want to wait a little and think about what you’re doing and how you’re going to do it before you crack open Android Studio and start coding.

RIIS Launches ETA Detroit

Go Detroit is an innovation challenge, sponsored by Ford, designed to stimulate new ideas and find better ways to connect Detroit communities through mobile solutions. The challenge was to identify transportation issues faced by Detroiters and provide mobile app solutions to improve safety, access and availability of transportation solutions.

Agile TFS

Given a choice I would probably use Jira for any and all Scrum projects we have here at RIIS. If you’ve been doing Agile for any time then no doubt you have your own favorite tool that you and your teams are comfortable with and wouldn’t necessarily want to move off.

Drones: From Maps To Apps

Over the past few months there has been an explosion of new drone announcements. DJI released the Mavic Pro, GoPro released the Karma, Yuneec released the Breeze. This was on top of an already crowded marketplace which included other DJI drones as well as 3DR, Parrot and many more consumer and commercial drones.

Swift GUI Testing With XCUI

iOS apps fail for a number of reasons other than simple logic errors that we typically catch with unit tests. The app may not install correctly, or there may be a problem when you move from landscape to portrait and back again.